Mediation is a confidential way for couples to arrive together at fair, long lasting arrangements, thus reducing the pain and trauma associated with separation or divorce.

Mediators provide expert information but do not take sides or advise you; their role is to offer the opportunity to develop communication and reduce bitterness in order to make positive plans for the future.

One of the aims of Mediation is to produce joint proposals, without the need for costly court proceedings, and we encourage clients to seek advice from their own solicitor at any stage of the process should they wish to do so.


Mediation is a way of resolving those difficult issues without the expensive cost of court proceedings and reducing the length of time dealing with these issues. 

Recent figures show the average cost of court proceedings is in the region of £5k - £10k per person. The average cost of private mediation are around £1000.

If you qualify for Legal Aid for mediation it is FREE

What Problems Can Be Dealt With Through Mediation?
Any of the problems which arise when couples part can be discussed during mediation sessions.

These may include:

  • Divorce/Separation Agreement issues
  • Arrangements for children, such as contact between parent and child and where children may live
  • Communication between parents
  • Arrangements for the division of property and money
  • Financial support for the family
  • Grandparents not being able to see grandchildren

Who Are The DFSL Mediators? 
All our mediators have varying backgrounds and include experienced family lawyers as well as professionals skilled in family-centred work. The wide range of mediator skills available allows our mediator skills to be tailored to client needs. 

Our Mediators are: 

  • Specially trained unbiased professionals
  • Selected and trained to recognized National and European standards and directly accountable to a national body; FMA, Resolution or PDT.

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